Action And Adventure

Climbing / AbseilingOur qualified instructors will take you to a nearby crag, which is ideal for beginners. This session gives you the opportunity to climb, learn the techniques and also abseil down the crag. If you are looking for more advanced climbing courses please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Indoor Climbing

Our indoor climbing room offers the chance for all ages to enjoy the sport in any weather. Under our instructors' supervision you have opportunities to learn bouldering, climbing, belaying techniques and rope work.

Gorge Walking

Just 5 miles up the glen we explore a mountain stream for our gorge walk, with plunge pools and waterslides for the more adventurous! Your instructor will lead your group up the gorge where there is a waterfall to climb. On the way down there may be the opportunity to slide down some natural rockslides.

Raft Building

A team building activity, where your group will design, build and paddle their own raft before using this to undertake various challenges on the watersports pond. You may get wet!


In an archery session you will learn about the equipment and the shooting techniques. You will then have the opportunity to develop your skills, through coaching, games and competitions.


Our introductory sessions take place onsite on our water sports pond where our instructors will coach you in the basics of paddling a kayak, playing games out on the water and going down our slide. For more advanced kayaking please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Crate Climbing

This fun indoor climbing activity is led by one of our climbing instructors. Harnessed up, your challenge is to build and climb up a stack of crates one by one to see how high you can reach before the whole tower collapses beneath your feet and you're left dangling in the air...

Tree Climbing

For many people, climbing trees is not a new thing, but climbing a tree over 50ft in height is one of our exciting activities. Safely harnessed, our climbing instructors will belay you, as you navigate up the route through the branches to the top, where you get fantastic views of the glen before abseiling back down again.


Our instructors will teach you the basics of navigation. As your ability improves, they will send you out on various courses within the Centre grounds. An instructor is always around to ensure you don't get lost.

Ropes Course

Our low ropes course is set with various exciting challenges between the trees. Navigate through suspended tyres, cargo nets, rope bridges and monkey bars while trying to complete the course without touching the ground.

Zip Wire

Come and experience our 130m zip wire, flying through the air 10m above the ground. We’re sure you’ll find it an exhilarating ride.

Ski and Snowboard

Head off for a day at Glenshee Ski Centre (Scotland’s largest ski area) where our instructors will provide you with friendly, professional instruction to suit your needs. We can also provide beginners lessons onsite using our practice tow, through the winter months. The Centre also has a wide range of equipment to hire.

Team Discovery

Try our range of challenges, which are suitable for all ages, that are set up around our grounds. These are used for team building courses and outdoor discovery trips. Each task will encourage you to develop your communication and teamwork skills.

Moorland Discovery

Take a low level walk through the beautiful scenery of Glenshee; discover ruins of old settlements; see where raiders used to run through the glen on the Cateran trail; learn about the wildlife and fauna on the moorland and discover what the land is used for today.

Creative Discovery

Lights, Camera, Action... Children choose story and develop their own film which is portrayed in a certain style and includes an activity, a dance, a song and a quote. Props, craft equipment and a camera are provided and judges will award Oscars at a World Premier viewing evening!